Poison free vegetables are popular in Sitakund

Poison free vegetables are popular in Sitakund
Poison free vegetables are popular in Sitakund

Mesbah Uddin Khaled .

Farmers of Sitakund are leaning towards cultivation of poison-free vegetables  . Farmers are getting more yield in vegetable cultivation due to less cost and disease. Since there is a huge demand for non-toxic vegetables in the market, they are able to sell them at a good price. Apart from that, the demand for vegetable cultivation is increasing day by day in this upazila.

It is known that to reflect the modernization of agriculture, the farmers of Teriyale, Dharmapur, Baraiadhala and Lalanagar of Sitakunda are cultivating poison-free vegetables. They are growing vegetables completely environmentally friendly, without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In the first phase, he got a lot of success.

According to Upazila Agriculture Office sources. The agriculture department is working relentlessly in vegetable production with the aim of cultivating various winter vegetables on 3 thousand 840 hectares of land in the current rabi season. Apart from this, in this program of IPM system, safe crop production project activities have been started through environmentally friendly techniques. Now farmers are cultivating in this way in Teriyail, Dharmapur, Baraiadhala and Lalanagar areas of the upazila. Later it will be expanded to different areas.

Upazila Agriculture Officer to make this program successful. A team was formed under the leadership of Habibullah. Deputy Assistant  Agriculture Officer is working in this team. Shamsul Alam, Md. Shah Alam and Pipas Kanti Chowdhury. IPM system can produce safe vegetables without poison. This also reduces the use of poisons and pesticides and consumers are happy to get safe vegetables. In the production of poison-free and safe vegetables, modern methods such as mulching, net houses are being used for vegetable cultivation, along with the use of disease-tolerant modern varieties.

Various mechanical methods such as yellow, blue and white sticky traps are being used to control diseases and pests. But pheromone traps are also being used in sufficient quantity in the field. And if the insects are not controlled using these methods, different types of organic pesticides are being used. Even then, if the disease is not controlled, chemical pesticides can be used in approved doses. Apart from this, farmers are also being encouraged to adhere to post harvest intervals when using chemical pesticides.

Mujibul Haque, a farmer of Teriyale block of Baraiadhala Union of Sitakunda, said that this year I cultivated cauliflower in 20th century land. It cost me about 12 thousand rupees. In the meantime, I have sold cauliflower at wholesale for Tk 40,000. 

He said that insect attack was not seen in vegetable production using IPM method. As a result, we have made many times more profit in vegetable production than before.

Upazila Agriculture Officer. Habibullah said that at present various winter vegetables have been cultivated in 3 thousand 840 hectares of land in Sitakunda during Rabi season. Among them, the production of safe vegetables on 100 acres of land in Baraiadhala IPM Model Union alone will exceed 1 thousand metric tons. Apart from that, 500 farmers of Baraiadhala Union are being taught safe vegetable production using IPM method under the safe crop production project through eco-friendly techniques, he said.

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